The Afterhours Studio opened in 2007 at Ramona Music Center. The location and isolation rooms made the perfect framework for a multi-purpose sonic factory. With a mainstreet location, and total lack of sound restrictions, the soundstage was set for countless local bands to find their sound. From Rock to Reggae, Ska to Country; everything seems to fill these rooms well.


Jon Hasz

Owner and engineer started recording bands in 2001 out of necessity and has quickly taken on every genre and market. Coming from a progressive rock background, he has a nack for finding where the instruments sit best in the mix.


Metal – Future Falls

Punk – Londons Falling

Jazz – Braden Smith


Kenny Hill -Been recording/producing bands since 2000
Play Guitar Drums and Bass
Previously Co-owned and was the chief engineer at Hindsight Recording Studios
Traveled around the world recording and playing music
Love recording all genres especially- punk, alt country, indie, garage, surf, gospel, swing, psychobilly, jazz and soul.