The Afterhours Studio opened in 2007 at Ramona Music Center. The location and isolation rooms made the perfect framework for a multi-purpose sonic factory. With a mainstreet location, and total lack of sound restrictions, the soundstage was set for countless local bands to find their sound. From Rock to Reggae, Ska to Country; everything seems to fill these rooms well.

Jon Hasz – Owner and engineer started recording bands in 2001 out of necessity and has quickly taken on every genre and market. Coming from a progressive rock background, he has a nack for finding where the instruments sit best in the mix.

Metal – Future Falls

Punk – Londons Falling

Jazz – Braden Smith

Todd Allen – A true player with a great pair of ears. Todd started tracking sessions after interning at the Zeta Factory in Italy and has proved invaluable for our new sessions and new direction.

Kenny Hill -Been recording/producing bands since 2000
Play Guitar Drums and Bass
Previously Co-owned and was the chief engineer at Hindsight Recording Studios
Traveled around the world recording and playing music
Love recording all genres especially- punk, alt country, indie, garage, surf, gospel, swing, psychobilly, jazz and soul.