Thanx for 3 great years and more to come!

Proudly standing through this, our third year in the great state of Ramona, we are celebrating our 3rd year anniversary with a show and BBQ this Friday starting at 5pm! Negative Zero, Henry and the Seacreatures and the Regime are ushering in the night with tunes and friends. Come by and hang! It seems the wildfires of 2009 were of a different kind. People in various positions around town have stepped up and started something really special.

For those of you not in ” the know”, short list of goings-on in our town:

* Ramona Music Fest 2010 was a huge success with 12+ bands playing at Dos Picos park with lots of local support. * Ramona had its’ first Bluegrass Festival hosted by Rob Lewellan and friends with 2 packed days of the best pickers ’round. * The Ramona Music Center Comp CD sold out in less than 2 months launching a handful of local artists into the next stage of their endeavors and proudly exposing our artists to their awaiting fans. * The RMC Afterhours studio is up and bocking week to week. Finished over a dozen EP and LP’s in the first year of its existence. Check the next comp for samples! * Kenrix Sushi and Ramona Music Center have started and maintained a new Open Mic every Thursday at 6:30 spawning amazing moments of musical spontaneity. * Ramona Mainstage productions have really stepped up and brought some of the nations best acts to our doorstep. David Allen Coe, Otep, Into the Presence, Vadar, Social Green, Wayne Hancock, Soilwork, Sepultura, and Pat Travers just to name a few!