Ramona Music Presents…

The Ramona Music Center is putting together Volume 1 of Ramona Music Compilation CD. All local artists and all original material. Everything from Rockabilly to Death Metal. Who knew that Ramona had such diverse talent? We are in the process of recording 21+ bands from within our city limits, and I must say, I am quite impressed by the quality of bands that we have. Keep your ears and eyes out for the release mid Jan at the store and other venues around town and down the hill.

ATT BANDS! Requirements:

  • Must be a local band or started in Ramona
  • Must be willing and able to play a show if you qualify.
  • Each band will get 2 hours or one song in our studio free of charge. Contact me for Details! Also, if you have experience with recording, this would be a good time to sit in and help out. The songs recorded must have been written by the artists and the songs remain the property of the artists.

Current line up:

  • Dead Serial Killers
  • Given Life
  • One Theory
  • Cable Car for the Movie Star
  • The Zah Project
  • Londons Falling
  • Starve the Old Man
  • Spero Lumina
  • The Rumblers
  • Heavy Cessna
  • Grand Canyon Sundown
  • The Death Valley Drifters
  • And More!