Lots of cool things goin on at the store!!!


Apparently some people haven’t gotten the memo. Or maybe…..they just have found the silver lining. If you have been in the store within the last 6 months, you would have probably noticed the constantly revolving inventory and the drastic jump in higher end items in our store. This would seem to be in direct contradiction to the state of the economy but in actuality, is a direct result of of it. There seems to be a slump in new item sales and a lot of our friends in the business are hurting because of it, but other aspects of the industry seem to be thriving at all new levels. We don’t have a very large cross section to reference but Ramona’s music scene has never looked healthier! Even with school budget cuts, we still manage to have two amazing band directors and the facilities to keep our children inspired and focused! Others on unemployment finally have the time to pick up the instruments that they’ve been longing to play since their teenage years. Just as in previous recessions, the entertainment market seems to have no shortage of spectators and therefore, live music has made it’s grip known here our little town. Rough times also serve as inspiration, which has brought many inspired projects to the door of our studio facilities!

Good things are to come and we feel blessed to offer refuge from the shaky ground most of us wake up to on the TV everyday. Music speaks to us all and especially at times like these!

Come in and Find Your Voice!!!