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Sandy Burney has been taking lessons at Ramona Music Center for drums, bass, and guitar since we first opened. Her focus and passion was clear then and has only gained momentum. She inspires others and enjoys playing with musicians all over town now! Age: 67 Instrument (s):Bass Guitar, Guitar Teacher: Jon Hasz Duration playing instrument(s): 6 years Favorite Song /…

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Ramona’s only home team?

Ramona’s only home team? By Ken Leighton, March 12, 2014 The Ramona Music Center is a storefront music store with a recording studio/rehearsal space in the back. It’s the only business of its kind serving this small, rural town in San Diego’s backcountry. Seven years ago the music center put out its own compilation CD, featuring some…

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Bluegrass Resources!

  Group A with chord progressions: I IV I V I i.e.) In the Key of G: G..C..G..D..G 1. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Key of G)…D%3D19919 2. Do Lord (Key: G)…ID%3D3902 3. Nine Pound Hammer (Key: G) 4. I’ll Fly Away..backing track: Key of G)…icid=4797 5. Worried Man Blues (Key of…

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Local Scene Survey!

Thanx for taking the time to answer a few short questions. We are at a great place musically in Ramona but have to always move forward! Please share this with anyone in our community! [SURVEYS 1]

Advice on Getting Your Band Started

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I have been recalling how difficult it was to be a young musicians in the small town. There really are  no directions as to how to promote  new music in the band. So here are some tips for starting your new band or for updating your…

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The Realities of Recording

by Jon Hasz Nov 2011 Headed into the Studio? Try these tips to save time and tighten up your album! No matter the music scene, it seems that most bands make the same mistakes in the studio. I’ve learned about these mistakes from the bands that I have been recording, and from making them myself…

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Who Killed Ramonastock?

By Ken Leighton | Published Thursday, Oct. 26, 2006 “This is party central,” says 20-year-old Jim Portinga of Ramona. “Everyone you talk to says, ‘Where’s the party?’ There is a big drug epidemic up here. I would say 70 to 80 percent of the kids do drugs.” Portinga is in two bands, goes to Palomar College, and…

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Ramona Sentinel: It Starts with a Downbeat

Ramona Music Center: It Starts With A Downbeat Chuck Preble Published 10/01/2009 – 1:46 p.m. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Chuck Preble Email: Jon Hasz and Baylee Strayer, co-owners of Ramona Music Center, had an idea: what would happen if they took dozens of musicians of different ages and playing abilities and put them together in…

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Importing for Mixing Session Tips!

1) Print your tracks DRY without any reverb, delay, etc. Avoid inline processing like compression and EQ as much as possible. If you autotune any vocals, please tell me. 2) Do all of your editing including vocal comps, copying choruses, etc. 3) Consolidate all your tracks. If you don’t know how to do this, there…

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Local Teenagers Band Together for Fun, Fabulous Music

Local Teenagers Band Together for Fun, Fabulous Music By Regina Elling 01.MAR.10 Teenagers” and “band practice” are three words that can easily strike fear into the most tolerant of parents. But they are a welcome combination at Tracy Oberlies’ house, so much so, in fact, that “it’s normal and it’s very comforting and the house…

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Ramona Music Fest

Ramona Music Fest Lines Up First-Class Entertainment 01.Mar.10 A variety of music artists will light up two stages at the third annual Ramona Music Fest Saturday, March 20 from 2 to 6 p.m. at Dos Picos Park, 17953 Dos Picos Park Rd. Music from ’50s rock to jazz, country to reggae, and mellow rock to…

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Ramona Rox on

Ramona Rocks By LOREN KRUSSOW Updated 1:30 PM PST, Mon, Dec 21, 2009 The tiny Mainstage Theatre in Ramona played host to some big talent Thursday night. The second annual Rock Recital event for students of local Ramona Music Center was followed with performances by San Diego’s own progressive/alternative rock band Spero Lumina, and Into…

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Sight Reading Excercises

If you are looking for something fun to help you sight read, check this free online games! Reading Game 1 Vic Firth Speednote Reading Notespeller Bass Studies Bass game Reading rhythm

For those with the soldering touch….

If you know your way around electronics, and might want to “hot rod” your amp, here is a great link I just found over at A little disorganized in titles but you can soon decypher them. Enjoy! Also for t he Blues Jr enthusiast, Enjoi!

Introducing the P-rails pickup!

>We recieved our first shipment a couple months ago from our new Seymour Duncan dealership with much anticipation. With awe, we opened up the shipment of very foreign objects shaped like humbuckers, but having none of those familiar features. this was our first brush with the Prails pickup. New in 08 from Seymour, they are…

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